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Instructions to the ZIP service
The images of the ZIP archive are downloaded by our server from the original image source, compressed and packed into one file. Every user has a separate ZIP archive. You can put together your ZIP Archive individually and then download it. Each archive will be cached for 60 minutes on our server.By clicking the ZIP icon in the image search pages or in the forum, individual pictures are taken into the archive. The ZIP button at the bottom right of the image search page or the forum takes up all the currently displayed images at once. You can include as much pictures into the ZIP archive as you like.The use of the ZIP service in full picture mode requires a registration. Without registration, only the preview images are archived. If you are want to get registered for the full picture mode, please send an email to our webmaster to get the necessary information.By the ZIP service, WS net only provides the tool to download free images. The copyright of any image is 100% by the original manufacturer. The images are cached on our server only temporarily (60min). Any rights for reproducing or permanent archiving must be obtained by the original manufacturer.
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