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108 - 2012-11-08 23:40DungeonMasterOneNew Download - Wendy wears a blue formal dress into a highland rock pool!
"Wendy goes for a dip in full formal attire!"
New wetlook download from Saturation Hall!

Buy the scene here: for just $6.00 !

Even though the annual trip to Western Argyll is officially a family holiday, a lady as high in the aristocracy as Lady Jasmine is never entirely off duty, and so on occasion formal events are held at the hunting lodge, where pressing estate business, or family alliances, are transacted.

Which is why Nurse Wendy finds herself spending a long evening, late into the slow-fading Midsummer Highland dusk, alongside her ladyship, negotiating a detailed and delicate contract. And so the next day, she makes the most of the opportunity to go paddling in the dress she wore the night before!

Into the pool she goes in her shot silk dress and bolero jacket, wetting them bit by bit until she is totally soaked, and then splashing and larking in the water, sending great fountains of white over herself.

Outfit details: Dark blue shot silk strapless bridesmaids dress, dark blue shot silk bolero jacket, dark pumps, dark tights.

Technicals: Shot in 2009 the download includes almost 400 photos plus a 20 minute video, the video was shot by one of the other models on the trip, and while reasonably steady has some moments of shake, so the scene is priced based on the photos only with the video thrown in as a freebie. The stills photographer went right into the pool with Wendy, so the stills are shot close up and personal, the video is shot from the bank but the videographer kept the photographer out of the scene except for a brief glimpse at the start.

Buy the scene here: for just $6.00 !
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